Rolling Stones Logo Realistic

rolling stones mouth acid
rolling stones mouth acid

I love the Rolling Stones. They have been making incredibly good and relevant rock music since the 1960s. They also have one of the best logos ever created. It was made by English graphic designer John Pasche — though many believe that Andy Warhol designed it. This is a digital painting of the logo made to look like a poofy realistic airbrush painting. One of my most sad Christmas memories is of being home from college on a cold overcast Christmas day, riding around my hometown in a new car listening to Sticky Fingers by myself.  It is such a textured, dirty, subversive and great record. I spent most of my time in and since college alone making art and listening to music. My art style is passè and heavily influenced by psychedelic 70s illustration with its fanciful airbrushed  creatures, Pushpin bent, Terry Gilliam style and happy but slightly sinister tone.

About Mac: I am an artist who aims to capture the whimsical, mass produced, slightly sinister, gimmicky, derivative, transient nature of modern life. e-mail:

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