Vampire Bat Cartoon

vampire bat cartoon

Vampire bat cartoon for Halloween. Vampire bats are hipsters. They only come out at night and they hang from their toes when they sleep.

Zombie Soccer Player

This is a green zombie soccer player illustration. He represents the mindless zombies who shuffle around in modern life consuming and following orders.

Taylor Swift Zombie Bride

This is taylor swift as a zombie with fireflies. It is inspired by an episode of Tales from the Crypt. The gold-digging landowner of a … Read More

Mr Coreander

Mr Coreander from Neverending Story

Neverending story is one of my favorite kid’s movies. It is from a time before Cg when incredible special effects artists crafted intricate fantasy worlds … Read More

Uga Bulldog Mascot Redesign

Uga Bulldog Mascot Redesign

This is a Georgia Bulldog mascot illustration I drew and painted! I gave their bulldog some attitude and added a bit of slobber for character. … Read More

Wolverine Illustration

Wolverine with a big head

This is a cartoon illustration of Wolverine. I made him super-deformed and gave him a cigar. I always liked him because he isn’t overpowered. He … Read More

90s Rapper Illustration

Stylized 90s rapper with Voorhees hat

The illustration depicts a 90s rapper exuding an aura of self doubt, with a black cap pulled down over his afro and ears. He idolizes … Read More