Jester Monster

jester monster

This is an angry jester monster with tattoos and a sidekick. He is a midlevel goblin clown with a mean streak.

Caveman Wearing Tiger Skin

This is a happy caveman chief wearing a tiger skin and hoisting a giant wooden club over his shoulder. He is part man and part ape.

Blue Monster With Four Eyes

Blue Monster Four Eyes

This is a happy blue monster with four eyes. She is a laugh monster. She laughs when she gets nervous. She laughs so much that her face muscles hurt and … Read more

Pig Eating Bat Soup

pig eating bat soup covid

I can’t believe we live in a world where people understand what infectious disease is and how it spreads and how catastrophically damaging it can be to the very foundations … Read more

Angry Green Bug Standing

angry green bug

This is an angry green bug with a red frowning mouth and round white teeth standing. He scurries around in his retro sneakers biting people and leaving itchy red bumps … Read more

Green Monster With Butterflies

Green and Teal Monster With a Beak

Birds evolved from dinosaurs. This is a bird that evolved back into a monster. He has a giant beak with teeth and tiny t-rex arms.

Cartoon Dog With Supreme Dog Bowl

supreme doggo

This is Jake the Doggo. He is a fatty. He likes to sit at his Supreme dog bowl and admire himself in the mirror before he eats his food. “Who … Read more

Hairy Dawg Illustration

hairy dawg illustration

This is a a digital drawing and painting of UGA’s sideline mascot Hairy Dog. He is a jacked half-back running with the ball with no helmet.

Monster Guitar Player

monster guitar player

This is a guitar monster. He has four arms and sixteen fingers that he uses to shred on guitar. He grew up listening to Metallica and Guns n Roses. He … Read more

Flying Orange Monster Bug

orange flying bug monster

This is a happy bug monster. He buzzes around in the air like a goofy three toed fairy.

Bubble Bobble Dragon

blue monster cute

This is a cute blue dragon illustration. He is timid and sweet. He has orange arms and feet and yellow eyes. He is the mascot from the game Bubble Bobble.

Green Monster Cyclops

green monster cyclops

This is a happy sitting green cyclops monster with one yellow eye and a blue nose. He also has a gold nose ring and earrings.