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Lamar Dodd School of Art Paint Tube

Lamar Dodd School of Art Paint Tube

This is what the UGA school of visu­al arts used to look like. It was real­ly far from the dorms and close to down­town Athens. I some­times dream I’m back in school and lost on cam­pus, rid­ing busses to nowhere, tun­nel­ing under the school of art, wan­der­ing around down­town and on giant hill­sides peer­ing down into a mas­sive white sta­di­um with hun­dreds of thou­sands of peo­ple look­ing at me. This is an imag­i­nary pop art sculp­ture I designed a long time ago.


Green Monster With Fuzzy Hair

Green Mon­ster With Fuzzy Hair

This is a pudgy green mon­ster with fuzzy blue hair and blue jor­dan ones. He is a friend­ly fel­la with blue eyes and a hap­py smile.


Google is My Thinking Cap

google is my thinking cap
google is my think­ing cap

This is an illus­tra­tion of a nerd show­ing off his think­ing cap. Google is my think­ing cap. “Not a word, not a word, not a word now. Qui­et, dona­tions, you want me to make a dona­tion to the coast guard youth auxiliary?”


Funny Monster With 4 Arms

funny monster with 4 arms
fun­ny mon­ster with 4 arms

This is a fun­ny mon­ster with a bright red nose, a nose ring and 4 arms. He is smil­ing as he tunes into con­ver­sa­tions with his antenna.


Blue Mosquito

Blue Mosquito
Blue Mos­qui­to

This is an illus­tra­tion of a blue mos­qui­to that I did a long time ago. I updat­ed it using my iPad Pro. The changes seem insub­stan­tial but they add much char­ac­ter to the design. I added thick­er and more detailed legs and added hairs to his tho­rax and anten­na. I also updat­ed his wing detail and changed his bug­gy eyes. The thing that the iPad does so well is let me pull free­hand lines like I would with a pen or brush. This is far faster and eas­i­er than draw­ing them with the curve tool in pho­to­shop or try­ing to draw them on a wacom intu­os in pho­to­shop with brush smooth­ing turned on. 


Jester Monster

jester monster
jester mon­ster

This is an angry jester mon­ster with tat­toos and a side­kick. He is a midlev­el gob­lin clown with a mean streak. 


Caveman Wearing Tiger Skin

Cave­man Wear­ing Tiger Skin

This is a hap­py cave­man chief wear­ing a tiger skin and hoist­ing a giant wood­en club over his shoul­der. He is part man and part ape.


Blue Monster With Four Eyes

Blue Monster Four Eyes
Blue Mon­ster Four Eyes

This is a hap­py blue mon­ster with four eyes. She is a laugh mon­ster. She laughs when she gets ner­vous. She laughs so much that her face mus­cles hurt and her mouth gets dry.


Pig Eating Bat Soup

pig eating bat soup covid
pig eat­ing bat soup covid

I can’t believe we live in a world where peo­ple under­stand what infec­tious dis­ease is and how it spreads and how cat­a­stroph­i­cal­ly dam­ag­ing it can be to the very foun­da­tions of human civ­i­liza­tion but we let ran­dom sick peo­ple get on planes and spread dead­ly pan­demics around the world in a mat­ter of hours. We need to make some seri­ous changes to how inter­na­tion­al trav­el and nation­al bor­ders and immi­gra­tion all work. Shut­ting down the world econ­o­my after it has cir­cled the globe 5 times is too lit­tle too late.


Angry Green Bug Standing

angry green bug
angry green bug

This is an angry green bug with a red frown­ing mouth and round white teeth stand­ing. He scur­ries around in his retro sneak­ers bit­ing peo­ple and leav­ing itchy red bumps on their skin.


Green Monster With Butterflies

Green and Teal Monster With a Beak
Green and Teal Mon­ster With a Beak

Birds evolved from dinosaurs. This is a bird that evolved back into a mon­ster. He has a giant beak with teeth and tiny t‑rex arms.


Cartoon Dog With Supreme Dog Bowl

supreme doggo
supreme dog­go

This is Jake the Dog­go. He is a fat­ty. He likes to sit at his Supreme dog bowl and admire him­self in the mir­ror before he eats his food. “Who is a good boy? I am!”