Monster Student

Red Student Monster

A red cyclops monster named Chris is worried he flunked his geography test. His teacher skimmed over the lesson and none of the places on … Read More

Internet Troll

Internet Troll Sticking His Tongue Out

In the whimsical illustration, a chubby blue internet troll sticking out his tongue. His mischievous expression hints at his reputation for online mischief. With vibrant … Read More

Blue Dragon Holding Pet Bird

Funny Blue Dragon Holding a Bird

This is a gentle blue long toothed dragon monster. He is sometimes intimidating but he loves his bird. His pet Kingfisher Charles sometimes sits on … Read More

Mac Miller Cartoon Illustration

Mac Miller Most Dope Logo

In this illustration of Mac Miller, the late rapper is shown with a charismatic smile, exuding positivity and a laid-back attitude. His tattoos and signature … Read More

Fat Guy Riding A Scooter

fat black guy riding a red vespa

I love when fat people ride scooters. The contrast in size is shocking and funny. This guy’s name is Roscoe. His street name is Big … Read More