Robot Kitty Cat

robot kitty cat

This is a robot kitty cat. I always wanted a tiny cyborg kitten that acts like a live cat but doesn’t eat or poop. I would keep her in my … Read more

Mexican in a Sombrero

mexican in a sobrero

This is a traditional Mexican man in a sombrero. He is happy and tossing his head back with a laugh. He is laughing at you.

Grim Reaper Clipart Rainbow

grim reaper kid

This is clipart of the grim reaper. He represents death in Western Culture. Nothing cheapens death like making him the lowest form of art.

Air Jordan Concept

jordan 45 glowing full length airbag 1

This is a shoe concept for Jordan brand. Most of the work went into the airbag design. The upper is minimal so as not to detract from the glowing 80s … Read more

Nike ACG Self Lacing Concept

nike running shoe concept

This is a Nike running shoe concept. It is inspired by post apocalyptic industrial design from the 80s. It has a self lacing mechanism that is visible on the outside … Read more