Ari Shaffir Caricature

ari shaffir caricature

This is Ari Shaffir. He is a comedian from LA. He got famous being funny on Rogan’s Podcast with Callen, Duncan and Bert. They don’t get enough credit for being … Read more

Theo Von Caricature

theo von2 1

Theodor Capitani von Kurnatowski the Third (born March 19, 1980), known professionally as Theo Von, is an American stand-up comedian, podcaster, television personality, host, and actor. He is a funny dude with a … Read more

Pink Artist Monster

Pink Monster with Polka Dots

Pink artist monster with polka dots. This is theo the monster – he likes to draw and paint.

Minah Bird Cartoon

Minah Bird Cartoon

This is Hunter Thompson’s mynah bird Edward. He used to torment him to get him to talk for his friends. It made Edward kind of shell-shocked and suspicious of strangers.

Louis Vuitton Dad Shoe

Louis Vuitton Dad Shoe Fiber Optics

This is an ironic dad shoe for women and it is from the pop art future. It has a hydrogen fuel cell that powers the auto lace feature and an … Read more

Hummingbird Flower Design

humming bird flower design

This is a circular flower design that I created to fit the hummingbird that I painted earlier. It is meant to look like 70s airbrush illustrations done with an actual … Read more

Flying Saucer Cartoon

Cartoon Flying Saucer UFO

This is a cyclops alien with spikes flying around in a chrome flying saucer spaceship. He is unsure about his driving skills. He is in school and has lots of … Read more

Big Man Driving a Tiny Car

Big man driving tiny car 2048x1896 1

This is a giant man driving a tiny car. I find it funny when big people drive tiny vehicles. The juxtaposition of scale is shocking and funny. This guy is … Read more

Red Fuzzy Cyclops Wearing Heart Underwear

Fuzzy Monster Wearing Heart Underwear

Fuzzy Red Cyclops monster wearing heart underwear. This is Chaz the monster. He likes being happy and making funny noises with his mouth.

Titmouse Bird Cartoon


This is an illustration of a baby tufted titmouse sitting on a wire. I have recurring dreams about birds and fish in mysterious neon colored woods hiding swirling ponds. The … Read more

Grilled Cheese Sandwich


This is a grilled cheese sammich with giant blue googly eyes, cartoon hands and new slippers for his feet.

Unicorn Rainbow Vomit

unicorn rainbow vomit.jpg

This is a digital painting of a unicorn puking a rainbow. She sometimes gets an upset tummy when she eats too much cotton candy.