Fat Geisha Illustration

The fat geisha delicately balanced her chopsticks as she indulged in the exquisite array of sushi before her. As she gobbles her ice cream lobster … Read More

Blue Chameleon

Blue Chameleon Illustration

In the stark white expanse of the vacuum world, a lone chameleon stands out with its vivid, bright blue hue, a beacon of color in … Read More

Samurai Frog Smiling

Frog samurai smiling

A samurai frog, clad in kimono with intricate designs and wearing traditional Geta, squats goofily against a pristine white background. He lives by a froggy … Read More

Blue Blob Monster With 8 Eyes

blue blob monster with red feet and 8 yellow eyes

The blue blob monster, an blobulous creature with vibrant red feet, sits in its vacuous white domain with an unsettling grace. Sprouting from its gel … Read More

Jason Wearing Nikes

Jason voorhees with a machete wearing nike airmax

Jason Voorhees is an iconic fictional character from the “Friday the 13th” horror film series, known for his menacing hockey mask and brutal killings in … Read More

Urban Humpty Dumpty Cracked

urban humpty dumpty sitting on a wall with graffiti

Humpty Dumpty with a cracked shell sits on a graffiti covered wall pointing his mac-11s at unsuspecting passersby. He has had it with the rat … Read More

Blue Moon With Astronaut

A playful pock marked blue moon with playful yellow eyes sticks out his tongue adding a touch of mischievous charm to the peaceful night sky. … Read More

Purple Cyclops Slug Monster

Image of an unsure purple cyclops slug monster with a single glowing eye, sharp yellow teeth, and yellow claws extended, yellow birds perched on spikes

This is a purple cyclops slug monster who slithers around his neighborhood watching birds. They land on his arms and head and whisper state secrets … Read More

Monster Student

Red Student Monster

A red cyclops monster named Chris is worried he flunked his geography test. His teacher skimmed over the lesson and none of the places on … Read More

Internet Troll

In the whimsical illustration, a chubby blue internet troll sticking out his tongue. His mischievous expression hints at his reputation for online mischief. With vibrant … Read More