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Giant Green Snail

This is a giant green snail. He is a happy fella with shiny white teeth and a house on his back.

Thug Life Kid

Thuglife Kid

This is a kid with oakleys, temporary tattoos and red hair. He likes summer pool parties and Elden Ring on Playstation Five. Hey kids don’t get permanent tattoos.

Giant Green Fish

This is a giant goofy fish with shiny red inflatable lips. They puff up like balloons when he is embarrassed. He floats around slowly on the bottom of tropical oceans … Read more

Reptoid Wearing Illuminati Hoodie

I love the idea that reptoid aliens secretly run the world from behind the scenes. This is a reptoid kid wearing an illuminati hoodie and a military backpack. He has … Read more

Daisy With Monkeypox

flower with germs

This is a cheeky spring daisy with monkeypox. Monkeypox is an infectious viral disease that can occur in both humans and some other animals. Symptoms include fever, swollen lymph nodes, … Read more


This is writer and director Quentin Tarantino with fake blood on his face. He is a nerd with a really high IQ who made some of the best movies ever.

Red Pepper Breathing Fire

This is a cartoon red chili pepper with flames coming out of his mouth and teary eyes. You might even say he is RED HOT.

Mac Miller Flying Retro Jet

I love retro flying machines. Jets and planes are some of the most beautiful machines people have ever engineered. This is Mac Miller as a pilot in an old timey … Read more

UGA Hipster Hitch Hiker

I have traveled across America a bunch of times. I always see the most interesting characters in truck stops and gas stations. This guy was at Arby’s yelling about capitalism … Read more

Rapper Bad Bunny Mascot

bad bunny rapper

This is a bad guy rapper bunny with a gun and a backpack. He hops around shooting signs and mail boxes thinking about Easter and laying eggs.