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Kirby Smart Caricature

Kirby Smart Caricature 90s Football Uniform
Kirby Smart Cartoon

Kirby Smart was a defensive back at Georgia when I was there. It was the late 90s and I remember him having a bunch of interceptions on a team with among other players – Champ Bailey. He was a little guy with a big heart and a big brain. He was a 4 year starter and I remember munson calling his name quite a few times. Teams liked to throw on him because they thought they could and he made them pay. He went on to be an assistant coach at UGA and other schools and ultimately found most of his success as an assistant for Nick Saban. He coached defense for Saban in the NFL and during his epic run at Alabama. I think he has 4 of those giant rings. I hope he can find a way to bring a few to Georgia.

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