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Jack Harlow

Jack Har­low as a Rugrat

Jack­man Thomas Har­low (born March 13, 1998) is an Amer­i­can rap­per from Louisville, Ken­tucky. I like him because he is a nerd. Nerds always make the best music. I know his lat­est record got ham­mered by crit­ics but I get the feel­ing he will be back with a great album. This is him as a Rugrat. A side note: The thing that is great about the iPad is how I can pull nice curved and tapered lines like I am using an ink brush or pen­cil. This is some­thing I haven’t been able to do since I stopped using nat­ur­al media back in the 90s. Using an out of date screen tablet and then intu­os for twen­ty years — then switch­ing to a device with an amaz­ing dig­i­tiz­er and screen is like run­ning with leg weights and then tak­ing them off.