Hand Painted Airforce One Nerd

Airforce One Chaos
Airforce One Chaos Side Two

This is a custom painted Airforce 1 with sublimated psychedelic head explosion grafitti art. The internet vomited on them. I repainted parts of the design to make the shapes flowing out of his head look less jumbled and sit in a nicer design on the shoe. It is weird how memory and time work together. Airforce ones are old shoes. But I remember seeing grown people wear them when I was a kid. And kids are wearing them now that I am an adult. It is a weird cross up. I read somewhere that scientists are certain that all of time happens at once – we just experience it move in one direction because of some evolutionary adaptation that we developed to help us process the world. It explains why many smart people believe there is no freewill. How can you have freewill when everything that will happen has already happened?