William McRae

Hello. My name is William. I am a designer and illustrator with twenty years of experience creating mascots, logos and various other graphic products for design firms across the web. I graduated form the University of Georgia and have worked in-house as designer for ad agencies, apparel graphic designers and various other businesses requiring an art department. I can draw, design logos, design shirts, do layouts, do seps, design websites and write css. The bulk of my experience is doing apparel graphic design with Illustrator and Photoshop in raster and vector formats and also maintaining and updating corporate websites. I know the ins and outs of CMS applications like WordPress and have been using it daily since it dropped in 2003. I love being close to nature and have spent much time in beautiful places with power banks, solar cells and laptops rattling around in my backpack. You are likely to find me camping in a State park working on your project with a great view. For a quote please contact me using the form below.