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China Virus Cartoon

China Virus Covid-19 illustration CCP Virus
COVID Sars 2 Cartoon China Virus

This is an illustration of the corona virus that China unleashed on the world from a lab in Wuhan. The Chinese corona virus is a pathogen that jumped from bats to people and attacks your lungs, liver, immune system, cardio vascular system, kidneys and brain. It is very aggressive and a person can go from healthy to gasping for air on a ventilator with liver and renal failure in a matter of hours. It also causes your immune system to overact and attack your own body. It is especially dangerous because you can be a carrier for up to 14 days with no symptoms. It allows sick people to disperse among a healthy population making countless other people sick. In the age of global economies where millions of people travel allover the world daily – there is no hope of containing a virus like this. It also makes outbreaks far worse when the Chinese government tries to cover it up and silence scientists who want to warn the world. China also closed down travel between its provinces when they discovered it but allowed people from Wuhan to fly all over the world – spreading the virus. We need fundamental changes in how travel between countries works. We need to screen all international travelers for infectious disease. We need to use cell phones to listen for people coughing within outbreak areas and isolate them. We need to be far more careful with who we let in and how we track them while they are here. Having open borders is very dangerous and leads to these outbreaks becoming world wide pandemics.

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