Red Monster With Blue Lips

Red Monster With Blue Lips

This is a chubby red monster with nappy hair and giant blue eyes on eye stalks. He is influenced by Pepe the frog. He has much pathos – pudgy blue feets and four arms for huging his frens. Feels good man.

Giant Green Snail

This is a giant green snail. He is a happy fella with shiny white teeth and a house on his back.

Green and Red Striped Fish

Green and Red Striped Fish

This is a goofy fish with shiny red inflatable lips. They puff up like balloons when he is embarassed.

Purple Monster Drinking from a Curly Straw

Purple Monster With a Curly Straw

This is a round purple monster drinking bug juice from a curly straw. His juice is made from crushed green space bugs bred by nasa as food for space travelers.

Gator Monster Riding E-Scooter

Gator Monster Riding E-scooter

This is a giant blue gator monster riding a tiny pink e-scooter. The gators name is Greg and he is a pudgy guy who enjoys riding to the store to get goldfish to eat. Yellow birds like hitching a ride on him as he scoots past.

Blue Fish With Eye Stalks

Blue Fish With Eyestalks

This is a goofy blue fish with red fins and lips and eyestalks. He is a potty fish. If you look in your toilet at night you can sometimes catch him swimming around in there.