Purple Fish 5 Eyes

purplefish 5 eyes
5 eyed purple fish

This is a purple tropical fish mutated by radioactive waste. He swims around in the abandoned cooling towers of cold war nuclear power plants.

Blue Monster Fish

Blue Monster Fish 3 Eyes
Blue Monster Fish 3 Eyes

This is an illustration of an electric blue monster fish with three eyes and sharp yellow teeth and orange fins. He is always smiling to warn other fish that he might bite them, slobber on them and give them cooties.

Red bass cartoon

Red bass cartoon.jpg
Red bass cartoon

This is an illustration of a bright red bass with purple fins and bright green eyes. He eats rubber worms and poops rainbows. I have a recurring dream where I am fishing in a pond hidden in the woods. The fish are dayglow colors and the water is black.

Starfish Wasting Syndrome Illustration

starfish wasting syndrome
starfish wasting syndrome illustration

Sea star wasting disease or starfish wasting syndrome is a disease of starfish and several other echinoderms that appears sporadically, causing mass mortality of those affected. There are around 40 different species of sea stars that have been affected by this disease. The disease seems to be associated with raised water temperatures in some places,  but not others. It starts with the emergence of lesions, followed by body fragmentation and death. In 2014 it was suggested that the disease is associated with a single-stranded DNA virus now known as the sea star-associated densovirus (SSaDV).

Giant Fish Eating a Swimmer

Giant fish eating swimmer

This is an iridescent fish with giant red eyes eating a swimmer. They live in coral reefs and eat unsuspecting snorkelers and surfers. Nom.

Baby Puffer Fish

Baby Puffer Fish
Baby Puffer Fish

This is a happy red baby puffer fish. When he is scared he puffs himself up into a ball and puts out his spikes to scare off potential predators. He wants to make it perfectly clear that if they try to eat him he will probably get stuck in their throat like a sandspur.

Rad Shark

Rad Shark Wearing Expos Hat

This is a shark with 80s shades and a hat. He listens to Van Halen and bites off tourists feet.

Koi Illustration

Koi Spot Illustration Kissing

This is a spot illustration of a Koi with lily pads. He is eating algae off the sides of the forcefield that is holding reality up. He sometimes thinks he sees giant two legged monsters on the other side watching him.