Rapper Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny Cartoon

This is a bad guy rapper bunny with a gun and a backpack. He hops around shooting signs and mail boxes thinking about Easter and laying eggs.

Devil Goat Googly Eyes

Red devil goat head

It’s weird how goats became a symbol of evil when they are so cute and affectionate. They are herd animals who have the kindest eyes and the most distinct personalities. Hail Satan. Boop.

Doge Illustration

Doge Meme Illustration
Doge Meme Illustration

This is an illustration of Doge. He is a silly meme dog from about 5 years ago. He is a Shiba Inu – a smiley Japanese dog breed who likes to dance.

Vampire Bat Smiling

Vampire Bat Cartoon Horseshoe Bat Covid-19
Vampire Bat Cartoon Covid

This is a bat smiling. It is the kind of bat Chinese people eat and buy in wet markets. They are the original vector of the corona virus that has circled the globe in a matter of months.

Kingfisher Illustration

King Fisher Illustration
King Fisher Illustration by Mac McRae

This is an illustration of a Kingfisher. They have giant heads and beaks designed to help them scoop up fish. They are great fliers. I remember seeing one in a pond behind my house as a kid and thinking it looked like an alien life-form.

Dodo Bird Illustration

This is an illustration of a dodo bird. His brain is soft like a puppy’s belly. He is so stupid that he doesn’t know his entire species is endangered. He walks around mindlessly passing gas and listening to Spotify. Brap.

Minah Bird Cartoon

Minah Bird Cartoon
Minah Bird Cartoon

This is Hunter Thompson’s minah bird named Edward. He used tomtorment him to get him to talk for his friends. It made him kind of shellshocked and suspicious of strangers.

Titmouse Bird Cartoon

Babu Tufted Titmouse Illustration
Baby Titmouse Bird Cartoon

This is an illustration of a baby tufted titmouse sitting on a wire. I have recurring dreams about birds and fish in mysterious neon colored woods hiding swirling ponds. The birds are always machines made of tiny gears and levers like a watch. They flap around mechanically, focus with camera lens eyes and sing robotic songs that echo.

Unicorn Rainbow Vomit

unicorn rainbow vomit.jpg
unicorn rainbow vomit.jpg

This is a digital painting of a unicorn puking a rainbow. She sometimes gets an upset tummy when she eats too much cotton candy.

Husky Puppy

Husky Cartoon Doggy

This is a happy husky puppy. He likes chewing on shoes and pooping on the rug. I love everything about my iPad Pro. Apple has had an army of really smart people reimagine and redesign digital art. This thing does everything better than a giant PC with a giant Cintiq attached to it and 4 out of date cables and adapters chained to a giant desk.