Oregon Duck Angry

Oregon Duck Angry
Oregon Duck Angry

This is The Oregon Duck looking angry. He is amped up and ready for war. He was licensed out by Disney and based on one of my favorite Disney characters – Donald Duck.

Indian Riding a Giant Bird of Prey

indian riding bird of prey 1
indian riding bird of prey

This is an indian brave riding a giant terrestrial bird of prey into battle. He has a top speed of 40 mph and has been fitted with razor sharp spurs. He put a series of black hand prints on his mount to protect him in battle.

UGA Bulldog Mascot Realistic

uga bulldog mascot realistic
uga bulldog mascot realistic

This is a fleshed out UGA mascot based on their bulldog head logo. I took the basic shape and made it a painting. I also gave him an angry expression.

Hummingbird Cartoon

Cute Humming Bird
Teal Hummingbird Yellow Eyes

I miss sitting in my grandmas dining room and watching the hummingbirds show up in spring. By summer hundreds of them would swarm around the feeders like angry territorial bees . It is amazing that such tiny birds fly across the ocean to get here. They must be incredibly brave and driven to fly so far.

Hairy Dawg Illustration

hairy dawg illustration
hairy dawg illustration

This is a a digital drawing and painting of UGA’s sideline mascot Hairy Dog. He is a jacked half-back running with the ball with no helmet.

Cat Pizzaing Cartoon

Pizza Cat Meme

This is a cute cartoon kitty with a slice of pizza on her head. It is a funny tribute to cat breading – an internet meme from a decade ago. I imagine this being a giant popart inflatable sculpture. I love kitties. 🙂 After a bunch of experimenting she has the right expression.

Husky Puppy

Husky Cartoon Doggy

This is a happy husky puppy. He likes chewing on shoes and pooping on the rug. I love everything about my iPad Pro. Apple has had an army of really smart people reimagine and redesign digital art. This thing does everything better than a giant PC with a giant Cintiq attached to it and 4 out of date cables and adapters chained to a giant desk.

Rapper Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny Cartoon

This is a bad guy rapper bunny with a gun and a backpack. He hops around shooting signs and mail boxes thinking about Easter and laying eggs.

Devil Goat Googly Eyes

Red devil goat head

It’s weird how goats became a symbol of evil when they are so cute and affectionate. They are herd animals who have the kindest eyes and the most distinct personalities. Hail Satan. Boop.

Orange Kitty With Blue Eyes

Orange Kitty Cat With Blue Eyes 2
Orange Kitty Cat With Blue Eyes 2

This is a cute orange and white kitty with blue eyes. She is bad. She likes to hunt songbirds. To protect those cute little birds her owner puts a bell collar around her neck. It tinkles to warn them when she is in ninja mode.

Doge Illustration

Doge Meme Illustration
Doge Meme Illustration

This is an illustration of Doge. He is a silly meme dog from about 5 years ago. He is a Shiba Inu – a smiley Japanese dog breed who likes to dance.

Kitty cat wearing tinfoil hat

kitty cat wearing tinfoil hat
kitty cat wearing tinfoil hat

This is a conspiracy kitty who wears a tinfoil hat to keep the government from beaming thoughts into her head. It blocks the RF356 microwaves emanating from 5g towers and circling doomsday planes. Pew pew pew.