Gator Riding a Vespa

This is a happy bright green gator wearing some oakleys and dunks and riding a bright red vespa. He cruises around town beeping and smiling … Read More

Uga Bulldog Mascot Redesign

This is a Georgia Bulldog mascot illustration I drew and painted! I gave their bulldog some attitude and added a bit of slobber for character. … Read More

Baby Titmouse Cartoon

This is an illustration of a baby tufted titmouse sitting on a wire. I have recurring dreams about birds and fish in mysterious neon colored … Read More

Zombie Mario

zombie mario

Itsa Mee Zombario! I love nintendo. Just watching people play mario makes me happy. When I was a kid mario was a sprite with like … Read More

Wolverine Illustration

Wolverine with a big head

This is a cartoon illustration of Wolverine. I made him super-deformed and gave him a cigar. I always liked him because he isn’t overpowered. He … Read More

Monster Under The Bed

This monster lives under your bed and feeds on house cats. He is slimy and green with glowing red eyes. He bubbles and fizzes when … Read More

Spamfish Cartoon

Spam Fish Wearing glasses beanie

Spamfish are a type of digital annoyance found in online forums. They spam chat with repetitive unimportant or off topic posts. This is very similar … Read More

Gus Strutting Eagle Angry

Gus Strutting Eagle Georgia Southern Redesigned

Georgia Southern University (GSU) is an awesome school located in the friendly town of Statesboro in southeast Georgia. The town has a great laid back … Read More

Uncle Sam Angry Illustration

uncle sam angry smoking a cigar

The cartoon illustration of Uncle Sam’s face features his iconic white beard and stern expression, symbolizing American patriotism. His piercing eyes and stern gaze are … Read More