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Tinker Hatfield Caricature

Tin­ker Hat­field Caricature

This is Tin­ker he is the god­fa­ther of cool Nike shoe designs. He is respon­si­ble for basi­cal­ly every good Nike shoe from the 80s and 90s. Here he is on a park bench draw­ing with an ipad pro in down­town Portland.


Alien Mushroom Smoking

Alien Mush­room Smoking

This is an alien mush­room smok­ing green and pur­ple. Fun­gi are plants that breathe oxy­gen and exhale car­bon diox­ide like ani­mals. They are prob­a­bly sen­tient alien life forms that fell to earth on an aster­oid in a bit of inter­galac­tic psy­che­del­ic panspermia. 


Illuminati Pizza Slice

Illu­mi­nati Pizza

This is a sil­ly play on the illu­mi­nati imagery on the US dol­lar bill. “Bro the NSA is most cer­tain­ly using microwaves and tiny chips in paper mon­ey to con­trol your thoughts while you get high and eat piz­za.” Puff. ” I know bro. I can feel my wal­let vibrate when the voic­es start.”


Cthulhu Kid

Cthul­hu Kid

In “The Call of Cthul­hu”, H. P. Love­craft describes a stat­ue of Cthul­hu as: “A mon­ster of vague­ly anthro­poid out­line, but with an octo­pus-like head whose face was a mass of feel­ers, a scaly, rub­bery-look­ing body, prodi­gious claws on hind and fore feet, and long, nar­row wings behind.“
I updat­ed him with more human eyes and expres­sion and gave him a sassy pose.


Monster in Kitty Suit Eating Cotton Candy

Mon­ster in Kit­ty Suit Eat­ing Cot­ton Candy

This is a sil­ly pur­ple mon­ster wear­ing a kit­ty suit eat­ing cot­ton can­dy. Mew mew mew. He has a mean sug­ar buzz and it has made him jit­tery and cross eyed.


Red Monster With Blue Lips

Red Mon­ster With Blue Lips

This is a chub­by red mon­ster with nap­py hair and giant blue eyes on eye stalks. He is influ­enced by Pepe the frog. He has much pathos — pudgy blue feets and four arms for hug­ing his frens. Feels good man.


Giant Green Snail

Giant Green Snail Smiling

This is a giant green snail. He is a hap­py fel­la with shiny white teeth and a house on his back.


Giant Green Fish

This is a giant goofy fish with shiny red inflat­able lips. They puff up like bal­loons when he is embar­rassed. He floats around slow­ly on the bot­tom of trop­i­cal oceans gig­gling to him­self like an oaf.

Pur­ple Mon­ster With a Curly Straw

This is a round pur­ple mon­ster drink­ing bug juice from a curly straw. His juice is made from crushed green space bugs bred by nasa as food for space trav­el­ers. He also has a giant bee beard.


Gator Monster Riding E‑Scooter

Gator Mon­ster Rid­ing E‑scooter

This is a giant blue gator mon­ster rid­ing a tiny pink e‑scooter. The gators name is Greg and he is a pudgy guy who enjoys rid­ing to the store to get gold­fish to eat. Yel­low birds like hitch­ing a ride on him as he scoots past.


Blue Fish With Eye Stalks

Blue Fish With Eyestalks

This is a goofy blue fish with red fins and lips and eye­stalks. He is a pot­ty fish. If you look in your toi­let at night you can some­times catch him swim­ming around in there.

Angry Blue Mon­ster With Jor­dan Ones

This is a angry blue mon­ster stand­ing in a pair of patent leather jor­dan ones with his arms bowed. His bot­tom teeth are sharp and they are jut­ted out in anger. He also has thick black eye­brows and a fur­rowed brow.