Happy Toucan

Happy Toucan Illustration

This is a happy toucan living in the top of the canopy of a tropical rainforest in South America. He flies around looking for tasty fruit and other delicacies that he shares with his bug bros.

Purple Monster Using a Macbook

Monster Using an M2 Macbook

This is a well caffeinated monster using his new m2 Macbook to talk to his friends on twitch. He is a script kiddie named Chris who creates chaos online for the LELs.

Witch With Flowers

Witch With Flowers

This is a cruddy old green witch with a broom and flowers and snakes and other stuff in her ratty hair. She flys around on her broom and throws rotten eggs at cretins. I remember in second grade having our teacher draw a witch on the chalk board and we all had to draw one like her. I am still drawing her silly witch.

Coelacanth Neon Dinosaur Fish

Coelacanth Neon Dinosaur Fish

This is an ancient fish that was frozen in a glacier. He thawed out and now swims around the warm waters of Baja California with his weird fish bros laying bioluminescent eggs and tooting water.

Creepy Red Fish

Creepy Red Fish

This is a creepy red fish. He was raised in the brackish waters of a steamy sewer pipe in south Georgia. He swims in circles eating algae and pooping up his closed environment.

Dolly With Tattoos


This is Dolly Parton. She is a great, singer, songwriter and actress. I made her look like a zoomer.

Hairy Dawg UGA

Hairy Dawg Uga Javon Bullard

I have been watching the bulldogs for a long time and it makes me happy when they are this good. I redesigned Hairy Dawg and gave him more detail and muscle definition. I gave him Javon Bullard’s number because it is also the year. And because he hit Marvin Harrison Jr. so hard that he forgot who he was for a few quarters.

Alien Monster Walking His Pet

Alien Monster Walking His Pet Astronaut

This is an alien taking his pet astronaut out for a walk in the park. He has to remember to take him outside so he wont poop on the floor of his new apartment. He has dreams of one day teaching him to use a litter box.

Blue Gator Riding a Pink E-Scooter

Blue gator riding an e-scooter

This is a whimsical blue alligator with a big sarcastic grin riding a pink scooter to the store to pick up a box of goldfish. A flock of redheaded yellow birds are hitching a ride.

Micra Chameleon Illustration

Brookesia Micra Chameleon

This is the worlds tiniest chameleon. Full grown it isn’t much bigger than a match head. It is so small and cute. They eat the tiniest bugs and live only on Madagascar with the rest of their chameleon bros.

Fuzzy Blue Monster Standing

Fuzzy Blue Monster With One Horn

This is a happy blue monster standing and smiling. He has one magical horn that lets him teleport to exotic locations – but only on Saturdays during cartoons.

Kid And Snow Monster

Kid and snow monster

This is little girl getting a piggyback from her blue fire nosed snow monster friend. He takes her on winter adventures through the woods and into snow covered meadows. This is him pooped after a long trek through the woods.