Zombie Punk

In a desolate, post-apocalyptic cityscape, a zombie punk roams with a boombox slung over his decaying shoulder, blaring the rebellious tunes of Fugazi. His undead … Read More

Young Elvis With Birds

Young Elvis With birds

In a whimsical dream, Elvis strolled through a sunlit meadow, his jet-black hair adorned with tiny yellow birds that chirped in harmony with his every … Read More

Vampire Bat Cartoon

vampire bat cartoon

As a kid, I feared that vampire bats might suck my blood if my toes peeked out from under the covers. This fear persisted into … Read More

Tinker Hatfield Caricature

Meet Tinker, the mastermind behind iconic Nike shoe designs, defining cool since the 80s and 90s. Here he is, sketching on an iPad Pro on … Read More

Claxton Chicken Logo

Claxton Chicken is a family owned chicken processor in rural south eastern Georgia. I remember seeing their logo on trucks as a kid and I … Read More

Donald Trump Caricature

Donald Trump Caricature

This is a caricature of US president Donald Trump from the Side. It amuses me how angry he makes the media with his trolling. They … Read More

Titmouse Bird Cartoon

Uga Bulldog Mascot Redesign Realistic

This is an illustration of a baby tufted titmouse sitting on a wire. I have recurring dreams about birds and fish in mysterious neon colored … Read More

Zombie Mario

zombie mario

Itsa Mee Zombario! I love nintendo. Just watching people play mario makes me happy. When I was a kid mario was a sprite with like … Read More

Monster Under The Bed

Monster Under the Bed

This monster lives under your bed and feeds on house cats. He is slimy and green with glowing red eyes. He bubbles and fizzes when … Read More