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When Pigs Fly

cartoon flying pig with goggles and a scarf

cartoon flying pig with goggles and a scarf

When pigs fly means never. It is an adynaton. It is hyperbole taken to extreme lengths to mean absolutely never. It is just another way that human language is amazing and creative. This is an illustration of a cute piggy with old-timey fighter pilot helmet and goggles and wings. He is an imaginary flying pig. I don’t fully understand why – but pink hates me. It is almost like I can’t see it when it comes time to paint form. It always turns out chalky and bumpy. When will I ever get the hang of pink? When pigs fly. When will I ever get a real job? When pigs fly.

About the author: I am an illustrator who specializes in creating whimsical monsters and playful critters with a quirky style.
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