UGA Football Illustration

Hairy Dog Running With The Ball

This is a col­lec­tion of illus­tra­tions that I did for UGA ath­let­ics over about a three year peri­od. I did Uga twice, Hairy Dawg and Kir­by Smart. I spent the prime years of my work­ing life try­ing to become a pro­fes­sion­al illus­tra­tor. It is the pla­ton­ic per­fect form of putting all of your eggs in one bas­ket. It made me ignore graph­ic design and made me impov­er­ished for a decade. One thing pos­i­tive it did is teach me to focus like a sur­geon and work like an insane per­son to try and scratch out a liv­ing. So over the past two months I have been mak­ing a graph­ic design port­fo­lio to try and get an actu­al 9 to 5 job. If you are won­der­ing what the gap­ing hole in the mid­dle of my career is — it is a failed illus­tra­tion career. See that third dawg? I did­n’t cre­ate him — I made him less shit­ty. There IS a dif­fer­ence.

About the Artist: I am a graphic designer and illustrator from the USA. I specialize in corporate marks and company branding packages.

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