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Taylor Swift Lamborghini Cartoon

Taylor Swift Driving a Lambo

Taylor Swift Driving a Lamborghini

I did a picture of Taylor driving a beater car a while back. Here she is driving a Lamborghini with Meredith in her lap. It is a much cooler car but still in the super deformed Micromachines vein. I’m pretty good at painting cars. I spent about 4 years doing nothing but cars when I first started doing digital art. It always amused me when people in the car art forum would accuse me of taking photos and running a Photoshop filter on them – instead of painting them from the ground up – just like an airbrush artist does without a computer. Same technique – different medium.

About the author: I am a digital illustrator who makes postmodern whimsical monsters, people, animals and fish for kids products and companies that are young at heart.

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