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Tanuki Cartoon

tanuki cartoon

tanuki cartoon

A Tanuki (狸 or たぬき) is a Japanese animal. It is known as a Japanese Raccoon Dog. It also has a place in Japanese folklore as a magical and mischievous creature that plays tricks and has laughs at our expense. It is lovable, playful and sometimes absentminded. You will never guess what this Tanuki is sitting on – pro tip:  its not a beanbag. Tanukis are depicted in art using it as a sail for boats, a fishing net, an umbrella, a swimming pool and a cloak to smother an enemy. Tanukis can also magically imitate people, natural phenomenon, turn leaves into money – that turn back into leaves, transform into the moon, imitate thunder and many other mischievous tricks designed to take advantage of the unsuspecting. Japan you are so strange and cool.

About the author: I am an illustrator who makes whimsical monsters for companies that are young at heart.

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