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google thinking cap

Thinking Cap With Glowing Lights

thinking cap dark

thinking cap with glowing lights

I love the concept of a thinking cap. This is my old art with some vr helmet updates. Google Glass of the retro future. Of course he is using it for educational purposes only. But internet searches in virtual reality give him great jittery spasms of joy. In art school when i was using “practical” media – black backgrounds were my thing. I used to buy up all of the black paper at the art supply store like some manic goth kid. It helps make glowy stuff way better.


Thinking Cap

thinking cap cartoon

thinking cap

Google is my Thinking cap. Silly and lovable ginger nerd wearing a retro SciFi thinking device while wearing a Google shirt. Update: included the new google logo and made his shirt long sleeve. Also added detail to his face and cap. The new Google logo is 10/10. Google’s designers were using their noodle when they nixed the serifs. It can’t be overstated how cool it is to have all of the worlds knowlege indexed and at your finger tips. Google is probably the most important invention in human history. It is like having access to the mind of god.