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faces of meth guy beavis

Beavis Meth Head

beavis meth head methalica meme

beavis meth head meme

Beavis meth head meme. Beavis grew up – moved to Bakersfield and got addicted to meth. His life is a dead end. He still sits around all day, gets high and watches MTV but its not the same without Butthead. When Butthead got drunk and died in an accident on the 5 – it broke Beavis. He no longer has fun. He still does meth, puts his underwear on his head and says “Teepee for my bunghole” but it isn’t funny anymore. Nothing is. The angst and anomie of modern life have finally caught up with him. He sometimes plays video games but the thrill is gone. He had more fun when games were crappy on the PlayStation and he had to imagine cool graphics – and he spent days playing crappy 16 bit ports of Xenogears while listening to Slayer. Now he just plays GTAV and gets bored quickly. He sees himself in Trevor and his obvious Bakersfield hometown and all of the meth references. He even thinks he recognizes some of his friends in the various miscreants in supporting roles. But it isn’t cool now. It’s lame. Methalica.