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Superlative Laugh Meme Painted in Color

Superlative Laugh Meme Painting

Superlative Laugh Meme

The superlative laugh is absolutely the highest form of laughter. It is an exquisitely rewarding vibration of the diaphragm that arises from the highest brow humor and most refined blue blooded comedy. It can only be attained by people of the highest tiers of society who make over 20 million dollars a year. It is weilded like a silver candlestick to beat back the unwashed masses by making them feel excluded and embarrassed. Jolly good show chap. It is one of those exquisite internet memes that has been around for a while. Old memes are better than new memes when you wield them ironically in movie chat rooms and on twitch. Only patricians do this.

About the author: I am an illustrator who specializes in creating whimsical monsters and playful critters with a quirky style.
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