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Sikh Walking Cartoon

Cartoon Sikh Walking

Cartoon Sikh Walking

This is an illustration of a Sikh with a long white beard walking with a white outfit and teal turban. I live next to two Sikh Centers in Bakersfield. I see them walking down the sidewalk every morning. There is an army of identical tall old men with long white beards, pink and teal turbans, white suits and walking shoes. You never see more than one at a time. They are possibly the same person. It is as if they are a demonstration of some sort of mystical Sikh magic at play. It is like they are clones in a Truman Show loop. I am certain that they are evidence that reality is a simulation. Sikhs are cool – I met a few of them at various truck stops in my travels across the US. They are friendly and reserved. They seem honest and hard working. When the Great Extra Terrestrial Invasion happens – I am certain that the underground Sikh clone army will help ward them off with advanced guerilla warfare tactics launched from Sikh centers across the US.

About the author: I am an illustrator who makes whimsical monsters for companies that are young at heart.

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