Reggie Watts Caricature

reggie watts afro critters cartoon

reg­gie watts afro crit­ters cartoon

Reg­gie Watts is a cre­ative and fun­ny dude. I have been a fan since find­ing FSS on the inter­net a long time ago. It is amaz­ing what he does with noth­ing but his voice and loop machines. He is a one man pro­duc­tion stu­dio with a 10/10 singing voice and a 10/10 cre­ative mind. Youtube was tai­lor made to pro­pel peo­ple with strange and unusu­al tal­ents into the pub­lic eye. His take on Radio­head is freak­ing amaz­ing. <3 This is an illus­tra­tion of Reg­gie with cute and friend­ly for­est crit­ters liv­ing in his giant fro and beard. BTW I love radio­head they are the best band in the world. This is a car­toon illus­tra­tion of Reg­gie Watts with a giant beard and afro.

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