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Rare Pepe Diamond Illustration Cartoon

rare pepe diamond

rare pepe diamond

The rarest rare Pepe is priceless. It is the rare diamond Pepe. If you ever find it wandering around in the meme jungle be sure to pick it up. You can sell it for millions of dollarydoos. Rare Pepe collectors from all over the planet would kill to have one. Just don’t let the Pepe police know that you are trading in endangered Pepes. It is illegal and could land you in prison. But real collectors can’t resist the pull of owning the rarest pepe and hanging it in their bathroom along with their prized collection of fine material things. They see life as a race to attain the most stuff. A competition where the winner dies with the most rare collection of shiny doodads created with human ingenuity.

About the author: I am a digital illustrator who makes postmodern whimsical monsters, people, animals and fish for kids products and companies that are young at heart.

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