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I am Mac McRae. Designer, Illustrator, Good Egg.  I specialize in postmodern cartoon monsters and critters for kid’s products and companies that are young at heart. Take a look at some of my recent work below. My stuff is free to use online. Contact me here.

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This Is a Gallery of My Best Monsters

My latest work and an archive of all of my art is on my Blog. This is a gallery of my best illustration and design work. I have included whimsical cartoon monsters for an ad agency, a purple monster for a web business, a portrait mock up cover illustration of Zuckerberg for The New Yorker, a bulldog mascot for the University of Georgia, weird and icky fish mascots for a tackle company, playful and unique bird illustrations for a pet store, an avatar for a Twitch broadcaster, a mascot for a board game company, an cartoon alien design for the USAF, a fat hipster for a friends business, a cartoon race car design,  a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy guy driving an 18 wheeler for a website, an Irish monster for an advertisement, a goofy nerd mascot, a cartoon fuzzball with a hair dryer illustration for a Makeup company, a fat hipster computer nerd for a tech magazine,an old cartoon Macintosh computer for a friend, a transparent monster for a child’s toy, a giant retro robot for a comics website, a girl on a scooter for a greeting card, a vomiting clown meme for posterity and a dead Twitter bird for an online publication.



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