Movie Nerd Cartoon

Fat Movie Nerd With Big Gulp
Fat Movie Nerd

I remember the feeling of my first few weekends alone at college in Athens Georgia when everyone fled for home. It was loneliness mixed with cold and confusion. The dorms were absolutely dark and empty. It always seemed cold, yellowish, foggy and 5pm on a winter weekend afternoon. The list of things to do in a dorm by yourself in the 90s was pretty short. Vision Video was my go to place for renting movies. It was a strange hangout for aloof movie nerds and forever alone geeks. I have strangely fond memories of watching 70s classics like network and the conversation alone. They were challenging movies with an edge. I loved them. It makes me sad that all video rental stores are going the way of the dinosaur. There was something good about having to commit to a movie enough to drive to a store and rent it. This is a movie nerd with a big gulp and straw glasses.

Author: Mac McRae

I am a digital illustrator who makes postmodern whimsical monsters, people, animals and fish for kids products and companies that are young at heart.

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