February 9, 2017

Join or Die Segmented Snake

join or die
join or die

” Uncle” Ben Franklin printed  the “JOIN, or DIE.” snake in 1754 in the Pennsylvania GAZETTE in Philadelphia to encourage the colonies to unite against the advances of the French and their native allies. The design and woodcut has been attributed to Ben. No definitive proof is available at this point.  In 1756 the Seven Years  War was declared. The French and Indian War was the conflict in the Americas that lead up to War being declared. The logo was revised against the British later. The coils of the original art mimic the outline of the North American coast and the locations of each colony or unified government (In the case of New England which was technically four colonies). The use of CAPS was similar to us using caps in an email today. It was extremely important at the time to lay the foundation for which many of us now take for granted. – some random dude

written by Mac McRae - Posted in Animals


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