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Interstitial Lung Disease

interstitial lung disease

interstitial lung disease

Interstitial lung disease is a little known malady that causes a progressive scarring of the lungs. It usually makes a honeycomb pattern that your doctor can see on an x-ray. It is caused by a foreign irritant that damages your lungs and as your body repairs the damage it causes them to scar and harden. As it advances your lungs sound like velcro through a stethoscope. Doctors can do nothing to cure it. This is a fat guy with interstitial lung disease. I made it a cut away where you can see the scarring. As he tries to breathe he naturally purses his purple lips to concentrate the air into his lungs. He also has an SpO2 monitor that shows he has a 91 blood oxygen level. Anything under 92 and you get portable oxygen to push around. ILD kills more people annually than breast cancer and it needs more public awareness.

About the author: I am an illustrator who specializes in creating whimsical monsters and playful critters with a quirky style.

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