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Indigo Bunting Cartoon

bluebird with twine in his mouth

bluebird with twine in his mouth

I love birds. It is absolutely amazing that a tiny creature willed itself into the air through brutal evolutionary forces over thousands of years. They learned to swim gracefully on swirling rivers of air like tiny iridescent machines with reptile feet and sharp eyes. And they did it with love and sheer force of will. It is fascinating how life functions to shape itself and how other forces like sexual selection work to make birds sing, dance and have beautiful colors. This is an indigo bunting. They are my favorite American bird. One day I  am going to pickup and move to where they thrive. Just to look at them.

About the author: I am a digital illustrator who makes postmodern whimsical monsters, people, animals and fish for kids products and companies that are young at heart.

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