Hydrogen Bomb Cartoon

nuclear bomb transparent background

nuclear bomb trans­par­ent background

When I was a kid I was obsessed with nuclear war. I remem­ber books from the 60s in my pri­ma­ry school library about the mechan­ics of glob­al ther­monu­clear war. It talked about RADs, REMs and how hydro­gen icbms had mul­ti­ple war­heads so that the bad guys couldn’t shoot them down with anti-bal­lis­tic mis­siles. The book was so cold, emo­tion­less and harsh. It mir­rored the sci­en­tif­ic min­i­mal­ism of the 60s. I’m cer­tain it was writ­ten for adults dur­ing a time when nuclear war was all too real. But I think it bent my brain. It fright­ens me that many smart peo­ple think human­i­ty is still in a posi­tion where it might destroy itself with nuclear weapons. Bomb icon with a trans­par­ent background.
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