Hydrogen Bomb Cartoon

nuclear bomb transparent background

nuclear bomb transparent background

When I was a kid I was obsessed with nuclear war. I remember books from the 60s in my primary school library about the mechanics of global thermonuclear war. It disgussed RADs, REMs and how icbms had multiple warheads so that the bad guys couldn’t shoot them down with anti-ballistic missiles. It even talked about anti-anti ballistic missiles. The book was so cold, emotionless and harsh. It mirrored the cold minimalism of the 60s. When I read it in the 80s I think it bent my brain. It frightens me that many smart people think that we might still end ourselves with these monstrous weapons. Bomb icon with a transparent background.

About the Artist: I am a digital illustrator with a BFA in Graphic Design from UGa who specializes in realistic digital paintings of cars, jets gadgets and animals. I am also an expert with CSS and screenprinting art.

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