Homeless Guy Panhandling at Starbucks


homeless guy with dog at starbucks

I love to get a giant cup of pike and sit at Starbucks early in the morning and surf the web. The swirly and sparkly chemical charge that coffee gives your brain is one of life’s pleasures. Starbucks is kind of odd though. It seems to be a magnet for crazy people and the homeless. They like to sit outside and panhandle while they use the free wifi and the restroom. Most of them look happy but like they haven’t had a bath or a good night’s sleep in months. In the desert – the sun and heat really seem to take their toll on people. You can see its caustic effects on wrinkled and leathery skin. You would think the richest country in the world could figure out what to do for these people – especially when you consider how much aid we send to other countries. Since the federal government has dropped the ball a wealthy company like Starbucks should pick up the slack. They are in a unique position to make a difference. I am almost certain in the future this kind of catastrophic poverty will be gone as people become less tolerant of any kind of human suffering. I don’t know if I envy or feel sorry for the homeless – I have been there BTW.

About the Artist: I am a digital illustrator who paints whimsical monsters and other critters for logos, kid’s products and companies that are young at heart.

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