Picasso As Hitler

picasso and hitler fused

adolph hitler as pablo picasso

When I peer back into the horror of the 20th century buying violent civilization wide slaughter and backwards noses focused through the bent lens of YouTube and yellow tinted sun glasses before amazed by and on the  brutality of modernity It is like a nightmare punctuated in green water squawking bird sound and strident automobile bull horns. Picasso is seen as one of the most important painters in history. He reacted  to the brutality that consumed his home country and the western world as a whole by murdering art. His violent reaction to an era of great upheaval and slaughter has made him the fascist dictator of modern art. I understand his importance and what he was destroying – but eventually every rebel becomes the establishment. I hate what Picasso has been made into by many generations of art critics and art history teachers. When I look at his analytical cubist paintings I don’t see the work of a visual art virtuoso. I see a smudgy mess. His paintings are screaming to be painted with a different more nimble medium than oil paint. Oil paint is to digital paint as a spoon is to a scalpel or a harpsichord is to the piano forte. The digital medium is infinitely malleable and fast. You can create perfect curves with perfect continuous tone and then you can also make changes to them perfectly with very little effort. This is a picture of Picasso fused with Hitler in the style of a cubist painting.

About the Artist: I am a designer and illustrator who specializes in pop art and postmodernism. I also design athletic sneakers.

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