Wilber Gimp Mascot Art Student


Gimp Wilber Nirvana

This is Wilber the Gimp mascot. He is an imaginary animal called a Gimp. He is a friendly hybrid animal who represents the opensource photo manipulation and painting application called Gimp. It is free and awesome. It is every bit as complexed and cool as Photoshop and is basically a toy for making cool pixely stuff for print and the web. You should download it today and start having fun. This is Wilber as a 90s art student with a Nirvana shirt a pallet and two paint brushes. He listens to grunge on his boombox as he paints pictures of dragons and naked girls for his painting 101 class.

About the Artist: I am a designer and illustrator who specializes in pop art and postmodernism. I also design athletic sneakers.

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