January 17, 2018

George Lucas Cartoon

george lucas cartoon profile
george lucas cartoon profile
george lucas cartoon profile

This is a caricature of George Lucas. One thing the fan reaction to The Last Jedi makes apparent is that Star Wars fans are a bunch of spoiled narcissistic neck beard man children. At first I was on board with the Plinkett movement that the prequels took a piss on my childhood. Then I saw the fan reaction to the new movie and decided I am not one of those people anymore. What George Lucas did for movies is amazing. The guy invented a genre with some god tier movies that he had the balls to pay for himself. And in return he became a billionaire in an industry notorious for losing fortunes. The man is a rebel and genius. The beating he has taken from these losers is unforgivable. If I was Disney I would get George to direct the next movie just to thumb their nose at the jerks who call themselves Star Wars fans. If you haven’t seen American Graffiti you should watch it. It is a great 70s movie about the early 60s that George wrote and directed. It is proof that he is fundamentally a great movie maker.

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