Hot Dog With a Transparent Background

hot dog with transparent background
hot dog with transparent background

Hotdogs. They are right up there with hamburgers when it comes to iconic American food. They represent freedom and liberty. Merica! This is an image of a hot dog with a transparent background that is perfect for anybody who wants to post this famous American style junk food delicacy to their website.

Kanye Breakfast Face

kanye bear breakfast face
kanye bear breakfast

Wake Up Mr. West…. Mr. West….Mr. West. Kanye’s twitter is pretty disappointing. It is a disorganized venomous word salad from a man who needs to up his Lexapro dosage. Someone should probably take Twitter away from Mr West. Kanye stop being mean to Taylor Swift you insipid crack head. Maybe you should make a video game about how to be Kanye West without alienating the world and going broke. PERFECT.

Hey look it’s Bacon Donut’s bacon fish. Small world.

Fast Food Still Life

fast food still life
fast food still life

Pop Art fast food still life. I did this postmodern masterpiece when I was homeless in California for about a year. I lived at a truck stop and I took my laptop and Wacom around with me in my bag like a sketch pad. You would be surprised how many people were in the same boat around 2009. It was winter and I would get a large coffee every single day. Three Splendas and two creams make their industrial style coffee really good when you are poor, tired and worried. Hardees is where homeless people eat and go to the bathroom. Take that Manet you trust fund having turbo hack. You wouldn’t know modernity if it bit you in your overrated  butt.

Purple Nerd Pooping Candy

purple nerd pooping candy
purple nerd pooping candy

Have you ever wondered where those cuddly cute Nerd monsters come into play in the production of the candy? They create them in a highly unconventional way – they poop them out. It is a fact that your favorite crunchy fruit flavored candies are pellets of delicious poop. If you are diligent you can find Nerd monsters in the wild by tracking their rainbow colored droppings. My favorite nerds are grape flavored. I used to get them at the neighborhood convenience store on warm humid summer days between looming thunderstorms – where store clerks were outside running around with wild nerd traps looking to replenish their candy supply.

Crazy Watermelon Monster

crazy watermelon monster
crazy watermelon monster with a knife

Most watermelons are cuckoo. They spend most of their time watching videos about extraterrestrials, conspiracies and Targeted Individuals. They are pretty sure the government uses alien technology to eavesdrop on their thoughts and beam voices into their giant water filled head. They were made crazy by the corporation that created them so they would grab the massive filet knife that people use to slice them into delicious pieces on hot summer days and they start slicing themselves. They are known as automatically carving watermelons. Just don’t get too close to them while they work.

Chocolate Covered Cone Cartoon

chocolate covered cone cartoon
chocolate covered ice cream cone cartoon

When I traveled across the US and hit every tourist trap on the map – I would stop at Dairy Queen and get a chocolate covered cone. I got them mainly because they were cheap, sweet and delicious. I got so many I started to have conversations with them. They speak with an Arab accent by the way. I keel you you imperialist peeg. Do not savor my chocolaty sweetness or you weel die 10,000 diabetic deaths.