Mexican With A Big Sombrero



Paco the Mex­i­can wants a hug. He is a lov­able fat­ty with tra­di­tion­al clothes. Paco loves you with all of his fat­ty ectopic beat­ing heart. I recent­ly moved to South­ern Cal­i­for­nia and was sur­prised to be in a racial minor­i­ty for a change. Bak­ers­field is incred­i­bly Mex­i­can­ized. There are more Span­ish lan­guage radio sta­tions here than Eng­lish and if you go to the DMV it is like being South of the Bor­der. 🙂 This is a dig­i­tal illus­tra­tion of a man with a som­brero and pon­cho try­ing to give you a hug.
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