Eastern Bluebird Option 2

Eastern Bluebird Illustration

Eastern Bluebird Illustration

The cool thing about digital art is that it is 100 percent clean and surgically precise. Compared to painting with liquid plastic on top of animal hair – it is as clean and ordered as the room Nasa keeps moon rocks in. Within a psd file – you have layers and layers of virtual labeled drawers of reality that you can open up and manipulate and change until you are happy. You virtually massage virtual points of light with microscopic detail. You have absolute control and the ability to pull up art from 3 years ago and add touches to it perfectly and then hit save and you have an iteration of a piece of reality from the past. It is like a crystalized time slice that you can hold up with a pair of tweezers and obsess over. This is an eastern bluebird that I painted at my grandmas house. It reminds me of eating cereal and watching them in Winter at 6am as they messily dump seeds out of the feeder and onto the ground so they can be more comfortable eating them. He reminds me of irrational anxiety and worrying about my grandma’s health. I took the butterfly out of his mouth and made some changes to his shape and to the  wood he is perched on.

About the Artist: I am a designer and illustrator who specializes in pop art and postmodernism. I also design athletic sneakers.

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