Damien Hirst With a Nosebleed

Damien Hirst Nosebleed

Damien Hirst Nosebleed

Damien Hirst is an interesting fella. He is an English artist who became ultra rich and famous in the 90s when he was very young – with his formaldehyde animals. He is from the school of Marcel Duchamp – a controversial French artist who spent his entire life questioning the nature of art and convincing the western world that art is for the mind and not the eyeball. Hirst has capitalized on the questions raised by Duchamp and rode a wave of marketing success into 2008 with his show “Beautiful Inside My Head Forever” – where he raised hundreds of millions of dollars. Lately his work has been depreciating from the highs of 2008.

About the Artist: I am a digital illustrator who paints whimsical monsters and other critters for logos, kid’s products and companies that are young at heart.

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