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Connor McGregor

connor mcgregor cartoon

connor mcgregor cartoon

Connor is one of my favorite fighters in the UFC. I like how he talks smack like Ali and then backs it up in the ring. Americans love the Irish. I get the feeling he has even more rabid fans here in the US than in Ireland. He is like a modern day Barbarian Celtic warrior with the wit of a game show host. He should bring back his hipster Viking haircut though. YouTube is really cool for watching older fights you should checkout his early fights there. Edit: Oh no! Connor retired. Can’t say that I blame him – he has made many millions of dollars in a brutal sport that destroys your brain and body through repeated injury. The smart thing to do is get very rich – invest it – and then retire with your health and enjoy the spoils. I wouldn’t blame Rousey if she did the same thing. Fighting trained killers for a living is a terrible way to make your way in the world. Edit: He is back in there.

About the author: I am an illustrator who specializes in creating whimsical monsters and playful critters with a quirky style.
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