August 12, 2018

Henry Rollins Caricature


This is a painting of Henry Rollins. I have been a punk music fan for a long time. I learned about bands like black flag, wire, fugazi and the stooges when I first became interested in nirvana in the 90s. Punk is about rebellion and anger. It is cool when it isn’t about hatred. Rollins has been on Rogan’s podcast like two times now and he is a smart and interesting guy. It is cool how the web lets you hear how amazing people think and process the world live.

August 10, 2018

Mario Tanooki

mario in a tanooki suit with a rainbow following him

Mario is the coolest and most psy­che­delic Nin­tendo mas­cot ever. If you haven’t played Mario 3 — you are miss­ing out on one of the best 2-D plat­form games ever made.

August 9, 2018

Jake Fromm Illustration

Jake Fromm QB Illustration

This is a more realistic treatment of a figure playing football. I don’t try and give people realistic proportions much so I am not very good at it. This is UGA QB Jake Fromm. He beat out 5-star recruit Jacob Eason to be the starting QB at Georgia. He is not rattled by pressure, a great thrower and great at reading defenses.

August 4, 2018

Jack Antonoff Cartoon

jack antonoff cartoon

This is musician and producer Jack Antonoff. He is famous for his band Bleachers and producing music for Taylor Swift, Lorde, Grimes and St Vincent. He is one of the most successful producers in pop music.

July 25, 2018

GSP Action Figure

gsp action figure illustration

This is an action figure illustration of George St Pierre. GSP is one of the greatest ufc fighters ever.