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Zombie Rapper

cartoon zombie rapper

Zombie rappers walk slow but rap fast. They have a quick flow that is a little bit of Treach and a little bit of Eminem. They spit purple clouds of fly speckled fire. They rap stories about stalking slowly through shopping malls haunting the jewelry and couture stores. Their favorite designer is Alexander McQueen and their favorite beverage is purple drank. Zombie rapper. This guy has a spit rag and a hat that is embroidered with a Z. He is sporting a zombie kanye bear shirt and some green pants. He is also wearing chucks and some mean manscaping.

Metal Monster Cartoon

Metal monster with goggles. Steampunk metal robot monster.

Happy Blue Monster Eating Cotton Candy

Happy Blue Monster With 5 Green Eyes Eating Cotton Candy
Happy Blue Monster Eating Cotton Candy

This is a happy blue monster eating fluffy pink cotton candy. His 5 green eyes are about to pop out of his head with a swirling sparkly pink refined sugar buzz. Blue monster with 5 green eyes.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Monster


Pumpkin spice latte monster getting geeked up on caffeine and sugar. Orange pumpkin monsters like to walk around the Walmart toy section after they have had a Venti latte or two. They like to chatter their teeth and look at the keen packaging and spiffy design work and dream of one day having a room full of the latest toys to play with. They know they would get tired of them as soon as they load them into their car but they still like to entertain the idea of rows and rows of brightly colored toys.

Young Cookie Monster Cartoon

young cookie monster with cookies
young cookie monster standing

The first monster I remember is Cookie Monster. Every kid has cookie monster in there lurking beneath the surface – waiting to spring forth and gobble your cookies. They live on and for cookies. They eat them until they get a tummy ache.

4 Eyed Ogre

4 eyed green ogre weezer fan
4 eyed ogre weezer fan

This is a green four eyed ogre called Charlie. He is an ugly fellow with a sweet disposition. He has 4 blue eyes and a shock of purple hair. He only wears underwear and he doesn’t change them for weeks on end. He isn’t comfortable in them until they are a crunchy yellowy brown. I love Weezer.They are a great mix of grunge and razor sharp pop rock. One of the coolest Radiohead covers ever is this take on Paranoid Android. Charlie loves them too.