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Misc Design

This is not a pipe either

this is not a pipe either

The Treachery of Images 2.0

This is a mock-up ad for an ePipe company where I piggybacked on the broad shoulders of Belgian artist René Magritte. He was always a favorite of mine because he used expertly painted objective art and merged it with the wit and caustic visual irony of Duchamp. His original painting is called The Treachery of Images.


Halloween Asteroid Cartoon

asteroid cartoon

asteroid 2015 TB145

Asteroid 2015 TB145 is special because it is going to pass close by earth on Halloween moving at 78,293 mph. It is uncommonly fast for an asteroid, the size of the empire state building and it would wipe out a large city if it were to hit. But according to the hyper smart people at NASA it will miss earth by more than a lunar distance. Halloween Asteroid Cartoon.


Georges Méliès Moon Illustration

Georges Méliès A Trip To The Moon

moon rocket eye

Georges Méliès was a French director from the silent era  famous for his movie “A Trip to the Moon”. It had groundbreaking special effects for the time. It is  one of the early masterpieces of cinema – from a time when movies were made by legit artists. It is about a group of astronomers who hitch a ride to the moon inside a bullet fired from a large cannon. I painted the moon to look like Martin Scorsese who directed the movie Hugo.  It is a great recent film aimed at kids and about Méliès’ life. Scorcese is easily one of the greatest living directors and a famous film historian.


Lamar Dodd Monument

Giant Tube of Paint Monument

Paint Tube Monument

This was an assignment for illustration. We had to draw a normal object at a giant size on a building. I chose The Lamar Dodd art complex. I was sad when visual art moved to a new building.


Blue Moon

blue moon cartoon

Loony Blue Moon Cartoon

A blue moon is rare. There is one this Friday on July 30, 2015. You should go outside and take a look at it. The word loony comes from lunar. This moon is pants on head drooling crazy. Blue moon cartoon illustration.


Pencil With Wings

pencil with wings

pencil with wings logo

Pencil with wings logo. Realistic painting of a blue pencil with white angel wings.


Sad Gascan

sad gascan cartoon

Sad Gascan

Sad Gascan illustration. High gas prices. Low gas prices. Sad gascan cartoon.