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Alien Abducting Cow

ufo alien abducting cow

ufo alien abducting cow

I love watching documentaries on youtube about alien abductions. I am certain that 100 percent of abductions are fake. Because like Sagan said – “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence“. And there is zero evidence. But I am still fascinated by the people and stories. And the idea of a cow getting abducted is pretty funny. Also retro flying saucers from the 50s are beautiful. BTW I am starting to experiment with digital glows about 2 decades after it was cool.


Killer Klown Illustration

killer klown with ray guns

killer klown illustration

I love B movies from the 80s. Sometimes they are so campy and tongue in cheek that they rise to the level of high art. Killer Klowns from Outer Space is one of those movies. It is thoroughly enjoyable. But I think you have to be inebriated to appreciate it. I love space clowns.


Gray Alien with Beats Headphones

millenial alien with beats headphones

gray alien with beats headphones

Gray aliens like to listen to Apple music while they write lines of code for the US Air Force’s black project aircraft. Their favorite genre of music is Dubstep – they dig the wubs when they are thinking in 5 dimensions.


Nibiru Cartoon

nibiru cartoon

nibiru planet-x nemesis

I am fascinated by the internet phenomenon that is Nibiru. It hearkens back to a silly book by Zecharia Sitchin. And every crazy person on the internet is convinced that there is large planet that orbits the sun on a 3000 year cycle that brings death and destruction to earth. They also believe that there is a race of ancient aliens that live on Nibiru. Just watch some of their videos on youtube – I find them highly entertaining. BEWARE the magic date is September 23!!!11!! Edit: Now it is the month of December – soon to be some time in 2016!!!1111


Flying Saucer Cartoon

ufo cartoon

chrome flying saucer cartoon

Are you ready for the great September 2015 extraterrestrial evacuation event? Chrome flying saucer cartoon. Update: I added some college hipster style bumper stickers to make it cheeky. We Stand With France!.


Reddit Alien Realistic

reddit alien realistic

reddit alien realistic

Realistic digital painting of Snoo the Reddit Alien.

Alien Worm

Alien Worm Cartoon

Alien Slug Holding Rayguns

Alien worm slug with four arms holding four rayguns. His name is Algore and he is the fastest gun in the galaxy. He may look funny but never doubt his skill as a gunfighter or his innate ability to creep girls out.