Big Fish Eats Little Fish



This is a stripped blue fish chasing after a smaller red fish – it is a big fish eating a small fish. This image represents the driving force of nature. Natural selection is what made us what we are. The brutal  way nature works to design animals is, it pits lifeforms against each other in a struggle to survive. The most successful designs are the ones that  survive to reproduce. It is one of the many natural forces that make life amazing and plants and animals beautiful. It reflects how Nietzsche felt about the Greeks. He saw them as tenacious predators who used their wits to survive, loved war and tragic dramas and they didn’t suffer from slave mentality – a victim’s (Christian) way of seeing the world. He was the founder of existentialism – a philosophy that urges you to take responsibility for your situation. It is a worldview that stems from Darwin’s origin of the species by natural selection.

About the Artist: I am a designer and illustrator who specializes in pop art and postmodernism. I also design athletic sneakers.

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