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Benadryl Pill Cartoon

benedryl pill cartoon allergies

benedryl pill cartoon allergies

When I started having severe panic attacks last year I went to the ER quite a few times. I was convinced I was experiencing either heart or lung problems because I couldn’t seem to catch my breath, I was having many ectopic heartbeats, chest pains, I was panicking and it all caused my blood pressure to rocket upward. As I began to trust the diagnosis that I was experiencing only anxiety I was introduced to Benadryl as a sedative in conjunction with an ssri. It is often used in hospitals because it is relatively safe and not addictive. By taking it sporadically as needed for severe stress – I noticed it was helping dry up allergies I wasn’t aware I had been having my whole life. I figured my blocked nose was caused by a deviated septum but it was only being plugged by gobs of green snot. It also cures motion sickness – another malady I am cursed with. I love you Diphenhydramine. This is a Benadryl cartoon pill.

About the author: I am an illustrator who makes whimsical monsters for companies that are young at heart.

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