Bamboo Ink Stylus

mac mcrae illustration wacom bamboo ink

There is no word good enough to describe the  relief you get from using this stylus.  After 20 some odd years of drawing on a slippery hunk of plastic while you look at your screen – away from your hand – like a momo – using this to draw on your screen is the best feeling in the world. The amount of resistance as you make a mark, the way it feels in your hand – without a big rubber grip that gets stretched over time – the way you finally get to see your mark and your hand as you make it – it all just feels right. There is also a massive relief you get when you throw away your giant intuos medium that hogs your bag with its massive usb cable that tangles around everything. Finally you get to carry just your laptop and your power cable and nothing else. Granted this is probably really about how much I underrated my yoga 14 because of the lame stylus that came with it and the driver conflicts with my old tablet. I mean I am now aware of how amazing the screen that came in my yoga 14 is. You can look at it form any angle and the contrast and color is perfect. The resolution is  high for a 14 inch screen too. Screens have gotten much better since 2010 when I bought my last lcd. Even my $2500 cintiq had crap viewing angles and terrible color because it had a crap tft screen. Plus that thing was too big and heavy and hot. It feels so good to have an art device that is perfect. I have waited for this for along time. And I had this thing for a year before I realized it.

About the Artist: I am a digital illustrator who paints whimsical monsters and other critters for logos, kid’s products and companies that are young at heart.

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